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New blogs
Thursday, August 21 2008 22:01
New blogs about the last days of ONTAP and about the US (Dutch only)
First photo's Kent online
Wednesday, August 20 2008 22:18
The very first photo's from Kent are online. More will follow in the upcoming days.
PDF article online
Wednesday, August 20 2008 22:00
The PDF file of the reference below is now online!

Klompmaker, A. A. 2008. (translated) Biostratigraphic correlations of continental, Middle Miocene deposits from Europe. GEA 41 (1): 15-18.
Photo's flight to US online
Tuesday, August 19 2008 22:22
Go to the photosection and see the pictures from the flight from Amsterdam to Cleveland on August 9, 2008
Blog 4: Culture and English tests
Monday, August 18 2008 23:12
Day 3 and 4 of orientation program: learn about the American culture and English tests (Dutch only)
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