English (United States)
First blog online
Tuesday, August 12 2008 23:00
My very first blog on this website is now online (in Dutch only). Read about the travel into the US.
cv online
Wednesday, August 06 2008 21:23
My cv can be viewed from today onwards.

Publications and photo's Spain online
Tuesday, August 05 2008 23:04
Dear all,

Right now a list of the articles or publications I produced are online.
Photo's from the fieldtrip to Spain in May-June 2008 are also online now. This trip yielded the crabs I will study for my Ph.D. project.

Site online
Sunday, August 03 2008 14:43
On Sunday, August 3, my website went online. There's not much on it at this very moment, but things will change. Check this site regularly for news and new blogs.
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