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First photo's Kent online
Wednesday, August 20 2008 22:18
The very first photo's from Kent are online. More will follow in the upcoming days.
PDF article online
Wednesday, August 20 2008 22:00
The PDF file of the reference below is now online!

Klompmaker, A. A. 2008. (translated) Biostratigraphic correlations of continental, Middle Miocene deposits from Europe. GEA 41 (1): 15-18.
Photo's flight to US online
Tuesday, August 19 2008 22:22
Go to the photosection and see the pictures from the flight from Amsterdam to Cleveland on August 9, 2008
Blog 4: Culture and English tests
Monday, August 18 2008 23:12
Day 3 and 4 of orientation program: learn about the American culture and English tests (Dutch only)
PDF article online
Monday, August 18 2008 22:35
The PDF file of the article below can be downloaded now from the publication tab. Click on PDF to read it. You need Adobe Acrobat though, which can be downloaded freely on the internet.

Klompmaker, A. A. 2007. (translated) The new dinosaur exposition hall of Oertijdmuseum ' De Groene Poort’ in Boxtel, the Netherlands. Grondboor en Hamer 61 (6): 141. PDF
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