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New PDF's online
Tuesday, August 26 2008 23:53
Two new PDFs are now online. See them in the Publications part of this website. The references are:

Klompmaker, A. A. 2007. (translated) Mosasaurs from the Late Cretaceous. Paÿenborchiana 47 (2): 14-16

Klompmaker, A. A
. 2007. (translated) Stratigraphy from the uppermost Cretaceous of southern Limburg, the Netherlands. Paÿenborchiana 47 (2): 18-21
New photo's online
Monday, August 25 2008 00:22
To view the newest photo's, go to the Photo section and click on Kent Intro 2008.
Blog last days before start online
Sunday, August 24 2008 23:27
Read the blog on the very last days before the official start of the school season (Dutch only).
Photo's apartment online
Thursday, August 21 2008 22:12
Four picture of my apartment are online now. Note that this was before I started changing it a bit.
New blogs
Thursday, August 21 2008 22:01
New blogs about the last days of ONTAP and about the US (Dutch only)
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